Travelling The World – For Free?

Image From Pexels

Imagine laying on a white, sandy beach in Bora Bora sipping a pina colada. Now imagine yourself walking through the tiny streets of Mykonos, Greece and seeing the sun set over the blue ocean. Both of these scenarios you could enjoy for no cost at all. While for most of us this seems like a fantasy, hundreds of people make their living online as professional travel bloggers and earn into the six figures doing so. What was once a fantasy, is now a reality for these bloggers who have amassed an audience large enough to then build a brand for themselves that sells and sends them around the world. If hundreds are already doing it, why can’t you?

There is a growing audience that wants to hear real travel stories and experiences from real people. Scrolling through poorly written reviews on TripAdvisor can be aggravating, as it is often hard to spot the truth. Travel bloggers have the online freedom to share their unfiltered opinions which caters to those who want to read authentic reviews from someone they can trust. To be any kind of media influencer, you need to build a foundation for your brand before you can take off, and that foundation is the basis for your entire career.

Image From Pixabay

Professional travel bloggers don’t just jet around the world for fun, the job is a bit more complex than that. According to one professional travel blogger, Matthew Karsten, it all starts with building your audience and your platform. Once that groundwork is built, the money will start coming in. He says in his article, “11 Secrets to Becoming a Professional Travel Blogger,” that no one can get online, create a blog, and immediately make money. You have to offer interesting, useful content that people will care about and want to see more of. Once that base is established, then the money and opportunities start coming. Karsten explains further in his article that “maintaining a consistent identity across all your online channels” really helps establish your unique brand. Everything you do online should reflect that brand because if not, you won’t succeed.

As stated by Caz, a travel blogger on, there is a process to becoming a successful travel blogger. You must first “establish your credibility, build your value, and build your community” before you can reap the benefits of travel blogging. Once established, you have access to all kinds of new products, resorts and hotels, and other travel destinations. Brands notice this influence and want you to be able to experience what they have to offer, and hopefully in the end, write a good piece about it.

Image From Pexels

A travel blogger is just like a social media influencer. They put out their own interesting content which then gets picked up by their readers in a more attractive way than traditional advertisements straight from the brand or company itself. By travelling around the world for work, these bloggers pick up a collection of experiences that people want to hear about, so they can apply these reviews towards their own travels. If you want to know if the world renowned five-star resort in Hawaii is really worth the money, chances are a travel blogger has written a review on it. Want to know the best places to skydive around the world? A travel blogger has most likely written about it.

If you can find your niche and build a brand out of it, you can make money doing almost anything. A travel blogger is a unique kind of media influencer; The content they sell is their life experience. If you’re tired of reading aggressive, substandard online reviews, find a travel blog because the posts, photographs, and the occasional video are an incomparable source of information and guidance.

Feature Image From Pixabay


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